The biggest question mark hanging over mobile VR is not ‘if’ or even ‘when’ -- it’s ‘how?’

Is mobile VR really going to take off? Will businesses soon be expected to deliver information, entertainment and services through a pair of wireless goggles?

Consumers have the luxury of detached speculation. But for those inside the industry, whose efforts can actively pioneer the future of mobile or hold it back, VR is a more pressing concern.

At open( London ) on February 2nd, we’re hosting a series of presentations and discussions that will help hardware and software creators to address some of the most critical areas of uncertainty -- starting with how to optimise and test a mobile VR application to ensure it doesn’t leave users feeling disappointed (or worse, queasy).

  • Jonas Gustavsson from Samsung will detail the help that is on offer to creators of GearVR experiences, including those looking to Vulkan for enhanced performance;
  • Ian Pilkington from ARM will talk about the current state of VR-ready mobile hardware, including how many devices can realistically be targeted and how this number is expected to grow.
  • Stuart Cupit from Inition will talk about the quality and performance challenges facing one of the largest VR content creators; 
  • Nizar Romdan, founder of Virtual Arts, will describe his journey through creating, testing and optimising a mobile VR experience.

Every one of these sessions will be interactive, giving you a chance to ask questions and share knowledge. Speakers from Google, King, RovioJ. P. Morgan and other major companies will also be on-hand to discuss where mobile VR is headed. 

Interested? Open( London ) has officially sold out, but we’ve reserved 25 discounted tickets for indies, TIGA members and people from larger companies who are exploring VR, mobile optimisation and the other key themes of the day. At the time of writing, 19 of these tickets are still available via our event page so please go ahead and secure your seat.