Measuring CPU Usage in Mobile Devices

If you have ever wanted to measure the CPU Usage of a mobile app or game and you are stuck, then read on to find out how this can be achieved. 

The fundamental goal of any app or game is to provide a great experience to the user. For games, frames per second is a good measure of this. When your game is not able to provide a good experience you are naturally curious about resource usage in your system. It could likely be that the game is bottlenecked by either the CPU/ GPU or memory bandwidth. These three fundamental areas are the first stop when looking to identify performance issues. Let’s look at how to measure CPU Usage in both Android and iOS devices. 

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Game Performance Metrics that Matter: Guide to Interpretation and Action

In the world of mobile gaming, there can be no doubt that performance matters. It's no coincidence that top studios like Supercell and King make games that run smoothly even on older and weaker devices! Being able to optimize a game for the best possible user experience across the widest possible range of hardware is key to commercial success. 

The GameBench Pro Desktop App gives studios the ability to manually record test sessions and capture performance metrics that can analyzed in our Web Dashboard by development teams to diagnose issues and/or optimize performance of  games on any device.

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New Game Dev Meetup Makes Its Debut In Los Angeles

Pizza + Beer + Great Conversation
The Makings of Successful Meetup

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  • GameBench Staff
  • 26. November 2019

Exclusive: The Return of GPU Metrics for Android Devices

**UPDATE**  Support for GPU Metrics now available on the GameBench Pro Desktop App.

Just in time for Halloween, GameBench is pleased to announce that GPU metrics for Android devices have returned from their untimely demise! Android game developers can once again see just how hard their games are pushing the GPUs of different devices, allowing them to optimize accordingly to give their players the best possible experience.

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Game Performance Benchmarks

It's flagship season here at GameBench Labs, when we get to test the real-world gaming performance of all the latest and greatest smartphones. Huawei has supplied us with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, and our iPhone 11 Pro Max pre-order has also just arrived, so we're keen to find out which phone is more gamer-friendly in terms of objective metrics. We're additionally including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in our benchmarks, even though we've already published our numbers for this phone, because it's another recent flagship that deserves to be in the comparison. For our sample of test games, we've picked some of the world's most popular Tencent titles that should appeal to Chinese and Western gamers alike.

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