Measuring Power Usage on iOS Devices Using GameBench


Have you ever needed to test the power consumption of your game in iOS?

It's very important to measure your game’s power consumption because it can have a direct effect on a user’s experience playing your game. You would be really surprised how many developers still aren't doing this today.

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HONOR View 20 game benchmarks: frame rates for PUBG, Arena of Valor and Modern Combat 5

The brand new Honor View 20 is a mid-tier smartphone that promises top-tier gaming performance, due to the fact that it shares the same chipset (Kirin 980) as flagship phones. As a consumer, it's easy to accept this type of marketing logic ("fast chip = fast phone"), especially when other manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi have repeated it so often. But real-world testing shows that it's not always so simple: thermals, drivers, APIs, game engines and various software optimisations can be at least as important as the chipset when it comes to gaming, so real game benchmarks are essential. Read on to see what they reveal about the Honor View 20...

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Why is Apple hiding its performance issues?

Following the badly-handled iPhone throttling controversy and a series of widely-reported bugs in iOS 11, senior people at Apple are finally being forced to acknowledge that something is going wrong with the fundamental quality of their products. But are we just talking about clumsy management and poor pre-release testing? Or is it possible that Apple's bugs are actually helping the company to mask a more damaging truth about the underlying performance and battery life of its phones, especially relative to Android-based rivals?

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