Is it too early to care about 120fps mobile gaming?

It's easy to dismiss 120fps mobile gaming as a curiosity that is only available to owners of a handful of premium devices -- notably the iPad Pro (10.5 and 12.9) and the Razer Phone. But the truth is that this sudden increase in the smoothness and responsiveness of animation (twice the standard maximum of 60 frames per second) is already supported by some of the biggest studios and mobile games.

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GameBench reveals the most fluid and lag-free MOBA games on mobile

Few could have predicted the huge surge in popularity of MOBA games on mobile platforms, culminating in Tencent’s Honor of Kings becoming the world’s top-grossing mobile game this summer (with an estimated monthly revenue of $150 million).

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What phone is best for playing MOBAs like Vainglory and Honor of Kings?

MOBAs are hugely taxing games on mobile devices, involving intense multiplayer battles that last up to 30 minutes and punish every part of a phone's anatomy from its CPU to its GPU to its modem. Put simply, not every phone can handle a MOBA. Can yours?

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