GameBench launches first touch latency benchmark for mobile gaming: iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 input lag

In any competitive multiplayer game, by definition, you're going to face enemies. These include rival players, pesky bots and often the toughest foe of all, the one that you can't kill: lag. Lag has multiple causes, including poor frame rates, which we've been benchmarking on mobile for many years. But today we're launching an entirely new benchmark for a different source of lag, called touch latency (aka input lag).

The longer the time gap between touching the screen and seeing the result, the harder it is to aim, shoot or do whatever else it takes to win -- so this is fundamental to mobile gaming as a whole. To our knowledge, GameBench is the first to produce a platform-agnostic benchmark for real-world gaming touch latency on mobile, so that gamers and developers can compare different devices and games on the basis of their responsiveness. Please read on to see our first batch of results and discover more about how we measured them.

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It's 2019 and Android gaming still lags behind iOS

Android’s performance gap relative to iOS is nothing new, but the nature of this gap is changing in subtle ways that we didn’t predict when we first reported on the problem back in 2015. In this blog, we’ll highlight a couple of typical examples which demonstrate why Android gamers need to be as vigilant as ever to ensure they're getting the same quality of experience as iPhone owners, and why we at GameBench are building new tools to help maintain this vigilance. Please read on for more…

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Realme X performance ratings: PUBG, Honor of Kings, NBA, QQ Racing & Honkai Impact 3

Realme has just launched its first smartphone for China: the realme X. We tested a pre-release handset across a range of popular Chinese games to see how well the phone performs. Please read on for more...

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HONOR View 20 game benchmarks: frame rates for PUBG, Arena of Valor and Modern Combat 5

The brand new Honor View 20 is a mid-tier smartphone that promises top-tier gaming performance, due to the fact that it shares the same chipset (Kirin 980) as flagship phones. As a consumer, it's easy to accept this type of marketing logic ("fast chip = fast phone"), especially when other manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi have repeated it so often. But real-world testing shows that it's not always so simple: thermals, drivers, APIs, game engines and various software optimisations can be at least as important as the chipset when it comes to gaming, so real game benchmarks are essential. Read on to see what they reveal about the Honor View 20...

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iPhone X owners get shaky frame rates and low brightness with PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) rely on the principle that all players start on a broadly equal footing. So when a player is put at a disadvantage by their mobile device, for example through increased lag or other technical issues, then it's bound to hurt the game -- as many iPhone X owners are discovering to their cost. 

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