How Netmarble Improved Performance In The Mobile Environment

Special Guest post by Gyujin Sim, Mobile QA for netmarble


There are many uncomfortable experiences users have with mobile games. Frame drops, crashes, overheating and more. These issues deny the user a good experience and naturally result in a decrease in DAUs (Daily Active Users).

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  • Gyujin Sim, Mobile QA for netmarble
  • 26. June 2019
  • guest blog


It's 2019 and Android gaming still lags behind iOS

Android’s performance gap relative to iOS is nothing new, but the nature of this gap is changing in subtle ways that we didn’t predict when we first reported on the problem back in 2015. In this blog, we’ll highlight a couple of typical examples which demonstrate why Android gamers need to be as vigilant as ever to ensure they're getting the same quality of experience as iPhone owners, and why we at GameBench are building new tools to help maintain this vigilance. Please read on for more…

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Realme X performance ratings: PUBG, Honor of Kings, NBA, QQ Racing & Honkai Impact 3

Realme has just launched its first smartphone for China: the realme X. We tested a pre-release handset across a range of popular Chinese games to see how well the phone performs. Please read on for more...

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Testing or Quality Assurance Engineering?

Special Guest post by Aaron Wilson, Quality Engineering Manager for Big Fish Games.

If you’ve been in software for a minute, you’ve seen teams ship bugs. Big, breaking, and even super obvious bugs sometimes go out the door risking your reputation and revenue. You’d be forgiven if you’re confused about how this could happen. I mean, look at all the folks who have touched the product in the last two weeks! And of course, all the testing. But maybe it wasn’t enough.

Now, here comes the big bad decision. More testing. And why not? Clearly there wasn’t enough testing. Maybe.

The trap is set, baited, and ready to grab us by the ankle.

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realme 3 Pro gaming benchmarks reveal class-leading performance

Now that mobile gaming has become truly mainstream, it's only right that high-quality gaming experiences should be possible on affordable, mainstream smartphones. But are they? This is a question we've just had a chance to explore, thanks to realme sending its latest 3 Pro handset to GameBench Labs and commissioning us to test it out across a range of games. Please read on to see how the realme 3 Pro fares against other phones in the same class, including the Samsung Galaxy M30, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

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