Exclusive: The Return of GPU Metrics for Android Devices

**UPDATE**  Support for GPU Metrics now available on the GameBench Pro Desktop App.

Just in time for Halloween, GameBench is pleased to announce that GPU metrics for Android devices have returned from their untimely demise! Android game developers can once again see just how hard their games are pushing the GPUs of different devices, allowing them to optimize accordingly to give their players the best possible experience.

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Game Performance Benchmarks

It's flagship season here at GameBench Labs, when we get to test the real-world gaming performance of all the latest and greatest smartphones. Huawei has supplied us with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, and our iPhone 11 Pro Max pre-order has also just arrived, so we're keen to find out which phone is more gamer-friendly in terms of objective metrics. We're additionally including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in our benchmarks, even though we've already published our numbers for this phone, because it's another recent flagship that deserves to be in the comparison. For our sample of test games, we've picked some of the world's most popular Tencent titles that should appeal to Chinese and Western gamers alike.

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GameBench launches first touch latency benchmark for mobile gaming: iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 10 input lag

In any competitive multiplayer game, by definition, you're going to face enemies. These include rival players, pesky bots and often the toughest foe of all, the one that you can't kill: lag. Lag has multiple causes, including poor frame rates, which we've been benchmarking on mobile for many years. But today we're launching an entirely new benchmark for a different source of lag, called touch latency (aka input lag).

The longer the time gap between touching the screen and seeing the result, the harder it is to aim, shoot or do whatever else it takes to win -- so this is fundamental to mobile gaming as a whole. To our knowledge, GameBench is the first to produce a platform-agnostic benchmark for real-world gaming touch latency on mobile, so that gamers and developers can compare different devices and games on the basis of their responsiveness. Please read on to see our first batch of results and discover more about how we measured them.

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Measuring Power Usage on iOS Devices Using GameBench

Have you ever needed to test the power consumption of your game in iOS?

It's very important to measure your game’s power consumption because it can have a direct effect on a user’s experience playing your game. You would be really surprised how many developers still aren't doing this today.

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Huawei Mediapad M6s Performance Preview

The iPad has long been the obvious choice for tablet gamers, but today we have a new contender to test at GameBench Labs: the MediaPad M6s from Huawei. We've tested the real-world gaming performance of this Android tablet against the similarly-sized iPad mini (5th gen), across three top mobile games, and found some interesting results. Please read on for more... 

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