How Bunch Established Their SDK Quality Standards

Special Guest Post by Jason Liang, CTO and Co-founder & Saniya Anand Quality Lead of Bunch.Live


Bunch offers players the ability to video chat with friends while playing games on a mobile device. Not only does the app offer first-party game content that players can launch right away, but also it supports third-party games that players love, such as BrawlStars and Call of Duty Mobile. 

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Disruption Ahead: Trends That Could Change the Mobile Gaming Industry

When we started GameBench back in 2013, it seemed that mobile gaming would forever be a distinct category. The way we played games on our phones was totally different to how we played on PC and console. This was seen as an inevitable consequence of the limitations of mobile hardware. But now, at least from a gamer's perspective, this distinction is now starting to become fuzzy to the point where it may soon disappear altogether. Gamers increasingly focus on the game they want to invest in, based very often on what their friends are playing, and then consider only offhandedly what "screen" they'll use to access it. Why is this happening?

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5G Will Change Mobile Gaming Forever, But Not Yet

Originally published by Mobile World Magazine on October 18, 2020, Game Bench founder and CEO, Sri Iyer shares his insight into the developing relationship between 5G technologies and the mobile gaming market in the following article. 

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GameBench Performance Badges: The Standard for Seamless Gaming Experiences

Clients of GameBench services, including both game makers and device makers, are already familiar with our performance rating system. They use our simple, color-coded badges on a regular basis, often monthly or quarterly, to help them visualize key data and make vital decisions such as:

  • How does my game perform on the most important devices compared to similar games in its category?
  • How does my device perform compared to the competition when running the most popular mobile games in the market?
  • Where does my team need to focus resources to prevent a lack of gaming performance hurting commercial performance? 

In fact, our badges have become so important to so many decisions, from development all the way through to marketing, that it's about time we revisited what the badges mean and how they're evolving.

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Rating the Network Resilience of Mobile Games and Devices with GameBench

There are plenty of tools available that let app creators check whether poor connectivity is hurting their users. However, such app-centric solutions have rarely been tailored to the needs of game studios or gamer-focused OEMs, especially now that network-heavy games (including streamed games) have become more popular.

At GameBench Labs, we've now worked on numerous projects for our clients that involve monitoring and rating the network resilience of gaming products, so we'd like to share a few things we've learned along the way.

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  • GameBench Staff
  • 17. June 2020