Measuring Power Usage on iOS Devices Using GameBench

Have you ever needed to test the power consumption of your game in iOS?

It's very important to measure your game’s power consumption because it can have a direct effect on a user’s experience playing your game. You would be really surprised how many developers still aren't doing this today.

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The Fundamental Metrics of Game Animation: Median FPS, Stability And Variability

In the previous blog, we looked at the definition of FPS and what tools you can use to measure it on Android and iOS devices. In this blog, we will look at examples of FPS measured using GameBench tools and how they can be interpreted to understand the quality of a gaming session objectively. Before going into additional metrics and how we can spot good/bad gaming sessions, I would like to introduce you to the typical workflow for using the tools to give you more context for the next blog.

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Measuring Frame Rates In Android And IOS Games

Frame rate (also known as Frames Per Second or (FPS) is one of the best metrics you can capture to quantify the visual fluidity of a game. In most scenarios, the higher the frame rate, the better the experience for the gamer. In this blog, we will look at the definition of FPS and the best methods to retrieve frame rates for games on both Android and iOS.

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GameBench brings user-centric mobile performance ratings to Pocket Gamer

Today marks the launch of a first-of-its-kind partnership between GameBench and, aimed at revealing real-world performance and power ratings to gamers before they make a purchasing decision. 

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News reading apps are the quiet ninjas of the mobile world. On the face of it, they perform a simple, repetitive task: displaying the daily news. Whether it's the Huffington Post, the BBC, The Guardian or the Mail Online, they all go about this task in very similar ways.

Behind the scenes, however, the popularity of the leading news outlets is so great, and there’s so much pressure to engage and retain habitual readers (who are fussy and spoilt for choice), that news reading apps have become the focus of huge amounts of technical skill and resources, both in terms of software development and QA. The apps may be simple, but perfecting them isn’t.

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